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Since I work at home, my home office equipment is my livelihood. I depend on my computer, printer, fax and other equipment to do the job correctly. Therefore, I need to take care of these items to keep them running efficiently. One of the biggest concerns with electronics is dust build-up.

Dust not only builds up on the outside of your equipment, it’s gets on the inside too. Over time, the dust will begin to take its toll on your computer, printer and other equipment. According to an article on PC Preserver, dust can cause overheating and a number of other problems making it necessary for you to replace these items sooner than you should have to.

This can get expensive after a while especially, when you can prolong the life of these items simply by keeping them clean. This is one reason why I make it a point to dust regularly. I’m also highly allergic to dust mites so keeping my office clean and as dust free as possible is a must.


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